SecureWorks specialists


I could not bear not to write reply/comment on latest “findings from BIG researchers”. This is a despicable way to collect points

Keylogger collect Credit Card data?
Then every commercial available keylogger is evil, for example:

  • Ardamax Keylogger >>
  • Revealer Keylogger >>

.. And many others
So i must ask again, FOOLS what you discovered?

..Or you use stupid trick, really stupid trick to scare companies and sell them solutions from your “specialists(jerks)” for securing their business.
Really? …Miserable!!!

Prevention and detection is critical to ensure that threats to customer data are prevented or detected. Traditional antivirus software and other systems that rely on low-level indicators do not effectively detect and block common and pervasive malware. Organizations should apply endpoint detection mechanisms that apply behavioral analysis and human intelligence to detect threat actor activity.

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Tom Maloney