New Release v1.5a

A new release is available for download in the Members Area.
With this version we fixed reported issues, and made some improvements.

This Release contain fix for:

  • Fixed Minor Bug causing directory upload to suspend when uploading directory with sub-directories
  • Fixed Minor Bug in Screen Capture on some screens due to invalid buffer alignment
  • Fixed installation issue under Mac OS X
  • Fixed Minor Bug while generating byte array when the output is aligned to 16 byte boundary



  • Added Crontab Startup (Only for Linux/Solaris and Mac OS X Running Cron Daemon)
  • Updated GeoIP.dat to the latest release
  • Added Option to Automatically Copy Remote or Local Path in Transfer Manager
  • Added New Output File Format (Library, including Windows DLL, Linux/Solaris SO, and Mac OS X SO)
  • Added Audio Capture (Windows Platform Only)


Current Version (1.5a) is NOT FULLY Compatible with Previous Versions.

In order to get latest upgrades you need Update existing Hosts with latest release.
If any Bug related to this release were found, please report to our Support Team by opening a ticket in the members area.

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