New Release v1.6a


A new release v1.6a is available for download in the Members Area.
With this version we fixed reported issues, and made some improvements.

This Release contain fix for:

  • Fixed Minor Bug Displaying Linux Version in System Information
  • Fixed Minor Bug Displaying Proxy List in System Information
  • Fixed Bug on Linux while Displaying files Larger than 2 GB
  • Fixed Firefox Recovery Bug Windows All versions and Mac OS X 10.10


  • Added “Pseudo Terminal” Option to Remote Shell to Execute “su/sudo” Commands
  • Added CPU Model and Check if Administrator/Root Privileges is Enabled to System Information
  • Added “Disk Information” to System Information
  • Added Date/Time Information to General System Information


Solaris Host isn’t update to latest release and probably we shall stop support Solaris platform in future releases!

Current Version (1.6a) is NOT FULLY Compatible with Previous Versions.

In order to get latest upgrades you need Update existing Hosts with latest release.
If any Bug related to this release were found, please report to our Support Team by opening a ticket in the members area.

World Wired Labs Support

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