NetWire v2.0 R6


A new release is available for download in the Members Area.
NetWire version 2 brings 64 bit support for Windows, Linux and Mac Hosts along with new functionality. Bear in mind that we completely updated development environment and initial release might contain some undiscovered issues/bugs.


  • added Byte Array build
  • added update checker, automatically on Workstation start and manually from Help menu
  • updated Telegram notifications, API token is stored in settings encrypted, notification handling and report sending is much faster, updated UI
  • fixed bug with Workstation ping thread freezing and not saving settings on exit
  • enabled option to change ping interval (changing interval will change how often you receive updates from remote computer about user activity)
  • updated socket handling on Port operations (Open, Close, Restart, Delete)
  • fixed various minor glitches and memory leaks

Current Version (2.0 R6IS partially  compatible with previous version 2.0 R5!
Host is fully compatible with previous version, Workstation require to be installed in new folder!

If any Bug related to this release were found, please report to our Support Team by opening a ticket in the members area.

World Wired Labs Support

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