NetWire v1.7a


A new release is available for download in the Members Area.
With this version we fixed reported issues, and made some improvements.

  •     Improved password recovery
  •     Improved connection protocol
  •     Reduced Windows Host size and improved Host structure
  •     Fixed Firefox password recovery on Windows XP operating system
  •     Added Password recovery support for Yandex browser
  •     Minor bugs and tweaks

Also we are proud announce Android Host which contain basic functionality for initial release:

  •     File Manager with complete functionality (upload/download files and folders, file search, file hash)
  •     Contacts Manager
  •     Call Logs
  •     SMS Manager
  •     GPS Manager
  •     System Information with Network Information
  •     Basic Host options (Ping, Close, Reconnect)  NOTE!!! Update is not available on Android Platform

GPS Manager on request should try read current location if service available, or last known location. If data available GPS location will be sent to the Workstation.
Connection protocol and Host engine has been designed to be lightweight and stealth at remote device, saving network and CPU resources.

Current Version (1.7a) is Compatible with previous versions v1.6c >>

In order to get latest upgrades you need Update existing Hosts with latest release.
If any Bug related to this release were found, please report to our Support Team by opening a ticket in the members area.

World Wired Labs Support