Announcement NetWire v2.0


With start of 2019, we decided to reveal some of the plans for NetWire project. As the title describe, we spent alot time working on NetWire v2.0 which brings support for 64bit Hosts on every platform. Important step to upgrade code from 32bit to 64bit was delayed in past, but at the mid 2018 we agreed to start work and 2 days ago, finally, last Host (Linux) was successfully built.

Most of your suggestions during past few months were included in this version, along with many improvements and some new features

  • Extended Browser and Email clients support
  • Connection redirect
  • File/Folder archiver
  • Email notifications
  • … and, rest will remain secret

We want to thank everyone for continuous support and patience during past now almost 7 years!!!

Best Regards
Tom Maloney

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